Every child at St Margaret’s at Hasbury Primary School have many opportunities to explore and practise music in the curriculum. Every child will have multiple chances to learn a musical instrument as part of their journey at St Margaret’s at Hasbury. Paid in-school music lessons are also available through DPA (Dudley Performing Arts) for a range of instruments.

Further music lessons are taught using a range of resources, including Charanga, a website provided by the local authority. We take every opportunity to celebrate children’s achievements and take part in performances.

Whole-Class Instruments

Year 1: Glockenspiel

Year 2: Recorder

Year 3: P- Bone (taught by DPA)

Year 4: Ukulele

Year 5: Glockenspiel

Year 6: Glockenspiel

DPA Lessons




National Curriculum Framework - Music Keystage 1 & 2

Knowledge & Skills