Mathematics is a key subject. It enables children to make sense of the world around them through the development of calculation, reasoning and problem solving skills. It enables children to explore and understand patterns around them and to appreciate relationships in everyday lives.  

Our Mastery Mathematics curriculum

St Margaret’s at Hasbury follow the National Curriculum Programmes of Study for Maths. We use the White Rose scheme and Ready to Progress documents to support learners to achieve a secure and deeper understanding of each mathematical concept. Children are given the opportunity to learn key points individually and develop those concepts before offering the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding and application within them. In the Early Years the principles of the EYFS framework will be followed, alongside the White Rose scheme.  

St Margaret’s use the teaching for mastery approach which focuses on ‘the five big ideas’.  

  • Representation and Structure 

  • Mathematical Thinking 

  • Fluency 

  • Variation 

  • Coherence

Children learn through the use of the CPA (Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract) approach. Children need opportunities to explore mathematical concepts and be creative using concrete and practical experiences and equipment, which link to pictorial representations in order to reason abstractly. This will develop an enquiring mind, build resilience and independence and thus hone investigative skills.    

 At St Margaret’s at Hasbury, we believe that all children can succeed at mathematics. We foster a ‘we can’ attitude towards Maths (building resilience) and we believe that ability is not fixed. The teaching for mastery approach supports children learning together with appropriate scaffolding and challenge. Staff use their strong subject knowledge to challenge and engage all children so they develop a love of learning that enables everyone to achieve. 

National Curriculum Framework - Mathematics - Keystage 1 & 2

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